High / Medium Velocity Water Spray System

High / Medium Velocity Water Spray System

With all our relentless concentrate on globally hit tendency, we introduce a wide selection of High Velocity Water Spray System. The water spray process is useful to protect equipment which incorporate weighty or moderate oils, equipment like diesel motors, transformers, circuit breakers and fuel oil storage tanks, and jet alternator lube oil techniques and oil fired boilers. This warm water spray system is employed for extinction of fires in flammable medium and heavy oils or equivalent flammable liquids having a flashpoint previously mentioned 65 Degree C.

Drinking water spray nozzles are designed to spray water right onto the hazard floor via a succession of nozzles having a closely recognized spray coating. They are appropriate for a wide range of unique dangers including transformer, sockets and other liquid hazards and systems could be individually tailored to your needs. Water Heater methods are typically utilised for flame protection of flammable gas and liquid storage tanks, piping, draining equipment, electric devices like transformers, oil switches, rotating electric machinery etc. and also for protection of openings in fire partitions and floors.

The piping process is connected to the drinking water source through an mechanically actuated Deluge Valve, which opens the flow of water. Automatic actuation is achieved by functioning of automated detecting equipment put in along with water spray nozzles. Additionally, there are two different types of devices namely higher Velo City and Moderate Velocity techniques.

Water Spray method can be a exceptional mended pipe system connected to a reliable supply of potable water distribution and equipped with water spray nozzles for use on area / products to be protected. The device could be operated mechanically via connection to an automatic detection and alarm program or manually, or both.